Turbulence Training Testimonials  

Men’s Health Fitness Editor Guarantees Readers They Will Burn Fat and Build Muscle with Turbulence Training

"Craig Ballantyne is one of the finest fitness minds in the business. His Turbulence Training programs have helped endless readers, and it's the reason why Craig has remained one of the top contributors to Men's Health over the years. For effective and efficient programs that both burn fat and pack on muscle, Turbulence Training consistently gets the job done. Bottom line results is what Craig provides, and it's the reason men and women should give his programs a try. They work."

Adam Bornstein, Fitness Editor, Men's Health magazine

Doctor Recommends Turbulence Training

"Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training workouts are the most effective fat loss workout routines available. With Turbulence Training, not only will you get fast, proven, effective workouts, but also simple nutrition guidelines based on science and experience. I’ve known Craig for over 11 years and his advice is always backed by research. Craig continues to impress me with his dedication to your results."

Dr. Shayne Ladak, MD, BSc(Hons), CSCS, NASM-CPT

Former Skeptic Andy Goes From 28% Body Fat to Six Pack Abs With Turbulence Training

"I stumbled across Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training after reading Craig's articles on MensHealth.com. At 225 lbs and 28% BF, I had to find a solution.  Stumbling across Turbulence Training may have been the best thing I could have done when I was overweight.

With the stresses that came with being a working husband and new father of twins, I had literally lost any hope that I'd ever lose that unwanted weight. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first in giving Craig's programs a shot. But I quickly realized how only doing just a few programs starting off, that I may found the FASTEST  and EASIEST way to lose weight with Turbulence Training.

I'm now at my healthiest - probably even healthier than I was in my teens. Through Turbulence Training, I recently got down to 157 lbs and 10.5% BF, a 6 pack and RIPPED AS EVER. But it hasn't stopped there - I'm now working on getting more muscle through Turbulence Training! 

There are loads of TT programs to choose from to meet every individual's health goals. Craig's knowledge, extensive background in the fitness industry and his excellent workout programs were the selling point for me. Be it fat loss, mass build, athletic training or just general overall health - Turbulence Training will get you to your goals. 

Being a husband, father of 3 and living a busy lifestyle at work and at home - Craig's workouts are definitely geared towards the busy lifestyle and his site provides plenty of options for his members to choose from which I really like the most.

Craig's monthly workouts keep things fresh for his members each and every month which is a plus. You simply cannot hit a roadblock with his workouts. Plus, as a TT member I have access to a great discussion forum where I can post questions, help a fellow TT member out, log workouts and find that social support that I need everyday to continue on with this journey. I would recommend Turbulence Training to anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle! I'm a living testament that Turbulence Training does work...don't think twice about it. Take my word for it. Get Turbulence Training now!"

Andy Apsay 

Wisconsin Woman Inspired to Become Personal Trainer After Losing Stomach Fat With Turbulence Training

"My husband discovered TT through Craig's "Belly Off" program on Men's Health. He started doing this workout the same time I started my own program of long workouts on my treadmill. He was trying to get me to do the TT workouts with him and I just kept saying "No thanks, I'm doing just fine with my treadmill." 

Fast forward about 2 months and my husband had AMAZING results with Turbulence Training. He was getting compliments left and right about how great he looked and people were asking him what he was doing for workouts. Meanwhile, I looked exactly the same. That's what convinced me to try the workouts myself.  I joined Craig's 12-week transformation contest.  I cleaned up my diet and did the workouts and everything just seemed to fall into place. After only a couple of weeks, I noticed changes in how my clothes fit and people I knew were finally noticing the changes too!

By the end of the contest, I felt so strong and was so happy that my abs were finally showing! When I compared my before and after pictures, I was just shocked at how much I was able to transform my body. The hard work definitely paid off. I knew I had done something right when I got a "Nice Abs" comment from Craig himself after I posted my pictures.

I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their health to try Turbulence Training.  This program WORKS! I have had many friends try it and they have all had success with it. My 62-year old mom even uses the program!

Everything about fitness, nutrition and fat loss finally made sense to me once I discovered Turbulence Training. Craig and his program have inspired me so much that I have decided to pursue a career in personal training. I want to inspire people the way Craig has inspired me. Thank you!"

Erin Naatz

Former Personal Trainer Finally Gets Fit Again With Turbulence Training…and Completely Transforms His Life!

"I used to be a personal trainer back in Denmark. We did a lot of sprinting, but also some long slow boring cardio. But I let myself go when I moved to England and then to Ireland. Stopped caring about what I ate and how I worked out. I was soon one of the treadmill and talking at the water cooler people.

Then I stumbled upon your site via facebook and bought your program and it has changed my life. Since I bought it I have lost an awful lot of weight, but I have also teamed up with another instructor and we are now running bootcamps in the park in Dublin.

I now find myself looking at getting out of my 100,000 USD job because I can see that I have a new calling. And this is at the age of 38 years of age. Sometimes it takes something like your book to change things around. I still have a long way to go before I get to your status, but I will get there. Sure you hear this all the time, but thank you once again."

Claus Schiko, Personal Trainer, Dublin, Ireland

Gym-Hater Uses No-Nonsense Turbulence Training to Keep Workouts Fun & Exciting and Get Better Results Than Ever Before

"Hi Craig, I have been using the program for about 3 weeks and I have to say it's fantastic! I have followed some of your other programs that were featured in Men's Health Magazine & have been impressed. I work out exclusively at home (I hate the whole gym scene where most people go to be seen & socialize rather than work) & I'm in pretty good shape. One of the challenges to working out at home is finding enough varied exercises to keep the workouts challenging & interesting. Turbulence Training gives me everything I need; well thought out and put together programs that are easy to follow and no nonsense. I get my workouts done in less time & I'm getting better results than ever before. I would recommend Turbulence Training to anyone who is serious about improving their body & their health."

Darren Stigers

New Father Gains Muscle, Burns Fat, and Even Helps His Wife Lose Fat, All While Paying Just Pennies on the Dollar for Advice That A Personal Trainer Would Charge “An Arm and a Leg” For!

"Turbulence Training has reinvigorated my workouts and has changed my
lifestyle. I have been a member for 1 month and have seen great results. I have lost 4 lbs since starting Turbulence Training. More importantly I have lost fat, it is amazing to put on a pair of pants expecting them to be tight and all of sudden fit into them comfortably.

Recently I became a father and made decision to workout at home instead of a gym to be around my family more and since then I struggled to get good workouts in and find workouts that peek my interest. I had become very bored with the same old bodybuilding workouts that you read in a magazine or in books. And at the same time watched my waistline expand.

I was very unhappy with the way I felt and looked so I was thinking about either going back to the gym or buying additional expensive equipment for my home gym. That is way I came across Turbulence Training while surfing the net. I did some research to make sure Turbulence Training was on the up and up and made the
decision to join.

Immediately I encountered some technical difficulty while downloading my e-book and the 1st thought that this was a mistake. I sent s email to customer service and I was amazed at how quickly they responded and solved my issue. When I finally downloaded the Turbulence Training I was amazed and the amount of workouts and
information there was. It would cost hundreds of dollars to receive this much
information from a personal trainer and nutrition expert.

I was little nervous about changing my workouts from the traditional bodybuilding routines to the ones detailed in Turbulence Training. I felt as though I would not be able to keep on muscle but I started the workouts anyway. Once again I underestimated Turbulence Training, not only have I been able to add muscle but lose fat as well and the workouts are tough but fun to do. More importantly, Turbulence Training is never ending. Craig has developed a program that is constantly changing and growing unlike other books or routines that once you complete it they tell you to just do it again.

Craig and Turbulence Training give you an opportunity to continue on this
journey and at a price much cheaper than a gym membership, personal trainer and or
buying expensive workout equipment. Turbulence Training is not one of the
here today, gone tomorrow programs.

Another great thing about Turbulence Training is that my wife was watching me workout one day and she commented on how different my routine was and said she would not mind trying it. I had always hoped my wife would take and interest in working out with me and now she has.

My wife has lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks and she has so much more energy than before.

If you are looking for a training lifestyle that is challenging, fun and ever changing then I would highly suggest Turbulence Training. Turbulence Training is one of the best investments I have ever made. Superior product, superior customer service and more importantly life changing. Thank you Craig."

Brian Kloekner

Skeptic Ditches Boring Cardio for Turbulence Training and Now Has More Energy, Feels Better, and is Stronger Than Ever

"When first looking at TT training I honestly thought there is no way this program could give you a good workout in such a short time. I was stuck in the old slow boring cardio that everyone knows will never get rid of belly fat. The best part about putting TT to work for you is that "after the first workout feeling". I used to feel tired after workouts. TT workouts give you your energy back. I've never felt better or stronger. Plus, the variety always keeps it fresh."

Paul Reddick, Baseball Coach

Ex-Cardio Addict Finally Loses Fat By Switching From Fat Burning Zone Cardio To Turbulence Training

"I'm 59 years old and I’ve been working out with muscle isolation resistance and with slow cardio (an hour in the "fat-burning zone"). When I started, I spent 2 hours every day on training. After about a year of negligible results, I slacked off. Then I got access to Turbulence Training for Abs. I'm 5'7" and weighed 225. At the end of my fourth week on TT for Abs, my weight was down to 217. I could feel the changes in my shape. My shirt sleeves and shoulders were a little snug, I took my belt in a notch; so I suppose I lost some fat and gained some muscle. I had lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks. That's much better than I ever did before. "

Bill Schuster

He Finally Got Abs at Age 51!

"I was always in decent shape, but never had a physique that I was really happy with. I stumbled across TT on the internet purely by chance and was struck immediately Craig's contention that cardio was not the way to the body I wanted. The information he provided seemed to make perfect sense, and I liked that fact that he had quite a bit of scientific research to back his claims, so I decided to give it a try. My results have been tremendous. I'm not really a numbers guy, but I just look and feel so much better. My
nutrition has improved light years. And the support that one gets from others on the website is invaluable and such a large part of a multi-pronged approach to fitness. I don't like to preach, but if anyone ever asks me about my workouts, I always tell them about TT. I'd recommend Craig Ballantyne and TT to anyone who wants to look better, feel better, and live a healthier lifestyle."

Kerry Z.

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