Turbulence Training FAQ'S
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training is the trademarked workout system created by Men’s Health fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne. Unlike long, slow cardio workouts, Turbulence Training helps men and women lose fat fast.

Each Turbulence Training (TT) workout is only 45 minutes long, and you only need to do a TT workout three times per week. You’ll start each TT workout with a bodyweight circuit warm-up, then move to resistance training to sculpt your muscles, and finish off with interval training to burn the fat.

You can do these short, burst workouts in the comfort of your own home with only an exercise ball, a bench, and dumbbells. You don’t need to have an expensive gym membership or waste your time doing long, slow, boring cardio workouts.

Q: Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and fitness expert for Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Prevention, and Oxygen magazines. You might also have watched one of his many videos on youtube or listened to his popular Turbulence Training podcast on Itunes.

Craig has been designing workouts for the top fitness magazines for over 9 years, and has helped thousands of men and women transform their bodies with his trademarked Turbulence Training workout programs in his famous Transformation Contests.

Craig stumbled across the secrets of Turbulence Training while doing advanced research studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He then went on to train thousands of clients for fat loss and perfected his fat burning system. In 2008, Craig released his book, “Just Say NO to Cardio” that reached #1 on Amazon in the Diet and Exercise category.

Today, Craig lives in the west-end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his famous puppy dog, "Bally ". Craig follows his own Turbulence Training style workouts to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, and even his dog has six pack abs! (It’s true, Bally’s vet said he had six pack abs when he had his latest yearly check-up.)

Q: What do I receive when I get started with Turbulence Training?

Great question and I’m glad you asked. When you get started with Turbulence Training you’ll be immediately directed to a website page where you can save the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program directly to your computer to use for the rest of your life.

You’ll also have the opportunity to save all of the bonuses, including the Nutrition Guidelines, bonus workouts, Transformation Secrets report, and all of the great info available in your Turbulence Training fat loss package.

Plus, you’ll also receive a special website link taking you to the Turbulence Training Membership site where you will get a free one-month membership into our fat loss community. There you’ll be able to ask all of your fat loss, exercise, and diet questions directly to Craig Ballantyne, plus you’ll get social support for your fat loss efforts from positive men and women from all around the world. Social support is one of the secrets to success, and you’ll find that you will lose fat faster once you have help along the way.

Finally, as a preferred Turbulence Training client, you’ll have access to special teleseminars with Craig, deals on future fat loss resources, and the opportunity to get immediate access to every single one of the dozens of Turbulence Training workouts Craig has created in his 15 years as a world-famous fat loss expert.

Q: What is the Turbulence Training Risk-Free Trial Offer?

With the Turbulence Training Risk-Free Trial Offer, you can get started using the proven fat burning TT workouts for 21-days for only $4.95. If you are not completely satisfied with your workouts and results, just contact us and we’ll make sure you are not billed a penny more.

Of course, I truly believe you’ll love just how fast you can get fat loss results with Turbulence Training, and when you decide to stick with the Turbulence Training plan, the remainder of your investment ($35.00) will be billed 21 days after you started the Turbulence Training Risk-Free Trial Offer.

Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Turbulence Training Program Trial

Q: Can women use Turbulence Training?

Yes, absolutely. Some of the greatest Turbulence Training success stories have been women. In fact, of the four Turbulence Training Transformation Contests, three of the grand prize winners have been women.

In the first contest, Emily Johnson lost over 15 pounds in 12 weeks to fit back into her skinny jeans. In the second contest, Catherine Gordon lost 14 pounds and looked 14 years younger in her after photos, all after just 12 weeks of Turbulence Training. And finally, in the fourth TT Transformation Contest, Robyn Sutorowski set a Turbulence Training fat loss record by losing over 34 pounds of body fat in just 12 weeks. To see these powerful stories, please visit www.TransformationContest.com.

I’ve found that Turbulence Training works miracles for women who often are stuck in their fat loss programs because they only use long, slow cardio. But when women switch to Turbulence Training, they immediately discover amazing fat burning results and sculpt their bodies thanks to the increased intensity and because they are working out less, not more. When women kick cardio to the curb, they lose fat faster. Even research has shown that women lose more belly fat with interval training than with cardio training.

Q: What’s the best way to lose fat?

If you want to lose belly fat, here are the three most important things you must do.

1. Round up a social support team, including friends, family, a fitness expert, and the good folks you’ll meet on the Turbulence Training forums.

2. Start improving your diet little by little every day to eliminate junk and replace those bad calories with good calories from whole, natural foods.

3. Get started with Turbulence Training so that you can lose fat in less workout time than ever before.

Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Turbulence Training Program Trial

Q: When should I workout? Is it better to workout in the morning?

As long as you get your workout in, it doesn’t matter when you exercise. There is no magical time to exercise. Consistency, smart training, and hard work are the keys to successful fat loss and take priority over the time of exercise.

Q: Should I do cardio exercise in the fat burning zone to lose fat?

No, there is nothing magical about the so-called “fat burning zone”. The fat burning zone is generally low-intensity exercise, but low-intensity exercise burns fewer calories. Therefore, forget about this term and this fat burning myth. Instead, use the Turbulence Training interval training workouts to burn belly fat fast.

Q: What is Interval Training?

Interval training is a better way to burn fat than long, slow cardio. In an interval training workout, you’ll do short intervals of hard exercise alternated with short intervals of easy exercise. And yes, even beginners can do interval training.

There are many ways to do interval training. If your knees are too sore for the treadmill, there is always the bike or swimming or rowing (or even the elliptical machine). You can even use Kettlebell Swings, Dumbbell Swings, Bodyweight Circuits, or running in place.

I guarantee you will burn fat, get fit, and improve your health with interval training, and never have to do regular cardio again.

Q: Nutrition is so confusing! What is the best way to eat for fat loss?

Here are some of the top nutrition tips that should be used in conjunction with Turbulence Training.

1. Eat healthy, high-fiber and low-sugar whole foods such as lean protein (lean beef, chicken, & fish), vegetables (broccoli, peppers, and greens), fruit (oranges, apples, strawberries, & blueberries), nuts (almonds, cashews, and walnuts), and whole grains (oatmeal and multi-grain bread).

2. I’ve personally found that eating 3 moderate meals & 3 snacks each day rather than 2-3 large meals keeps me satisfied. A well-planned schedule will help achieve this goal.

3. Eat fiber-containing foods at all meals, in place of processed carbohydrates.

I recommended two nutrition programs for advanced fat loss:

Click here for Brad Pilon’s Eat-Stop-Eat Program

Click here for Isabel De Los Rios’ Proven Fat Loss Diet

Thank you for all of your questions and let me know if you have any more!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc.
Author, Turbulence Training

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